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Laser processes and laser systems for photovoltaics, battery research, hydrogen production, fuel cells and flexible/printed electronics

Our scope of delivery

Development of research systems, prototypes and rental laser systems

We develop test systems and laboratory setups for research and development and rent out our equipment for temporary use in production. We can also integrate your existing components. Or we can use our own used components. Laser sources and table-top laser systems can also be rented.

Laser system for glove box. This system is for laser processing of perovskite photovoltaic cells and modules
Table-top laser system (also for rent)

Development of laser processes

Our laser laboratory in Aachen offers a variety of laser sources, including CO2, diode, solid-state and fiber lasers with different pulse durations (ns, sub-ns, ps, fs) and continuous wave (cw) operation. The available wavelengths are 10600, 1350, 1030, 1064, 532, 515, 355, 248 nm. Lasers are also in use at the FH Aachen Campus Jülich. Our areas of expertise include photovoltaics, flexible electronics, battery research, display and lighting technology, automotive technology as well as special applications and the processing of samples for research.

Laser contract manufacturing

Our laser laboratory is not only available to you for contract manufacturing, but also enables the processing of materials that are harmful to health. Laser processing can be carried out in a high vacuum or under inert gas such as nitrogen or argon. These techniques have remarkable advantages, such as preventing the degradation of perovskites or oxidation of lithium in battery electrodes. It also makes it possible to remove oxides from metals without re-oxidizing the surface.

We are also happy to offer on-site processing and come with mobile laser systems. Or you can use one of our rental systems.

Our cooperation with the Jülich also opens up the possibility of carrying out important, publicly funded projects. These projects are realized in close cooperation with Prof. Bergfeld's Laboratory for New Materials and Laser Applications. This enables us to drive innovation in the field of laser processing and push the boundaries of the technology. We also offer laser processing in ultra-high vacuum at the university in Jülich, where comprehensive analyses can also be carried out.

Building optical systems and assemblies

We develop optical systems and assemblies for integration into machines or other systems. These can be, for example, alternative solutions for beam shaping where the processing distance is less critical or measuring systems for process control or solutions to analyze the backscattered light generated during laser processing and, if necessary, to stop the process in a material-sensitive manner or special lighting units.

Laser safety certification

We provide laser certificates for your systems or help with the design of laser safety equipment and test laser safety devices.

Digitization: Laser marking of components and products with DMC codes

We develop processes for laser coding your components. To do this, we determine the appropriate laser type and laser parameters to ensure optimum readability of the code by conventional readers without impairing the component. We can produce small batches or you can hire one of our rental devices. We also have laser modules for integration into production systems.

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