NEW: Live demo of laser processing onto your samples via video conference from our lab


Interconnection and laser transfer of solar cells

Product marking

Laser cleaning

Processing of hard and brittle materials

RFID & NFC antenna

Laser cutting and drilling of ultra thin glass


Flexible PCB & bus bars

Recycling (PV und Batterien)

We support your innovation with laser technology

  • All relevant lasers in Aachen und Jülich
  • Feasibility study, samples und small series
  • specification of optics, mechanics und electronics for prototypes or production systems
  • Prototyping with own lasers
  • Test in real production Environments
  • R+D systems
  • Systems for glovebox und vacuum systems
  • Specification of laser technology, optics, mechanics and electronics for production system
  • Support of tool maker
  • Laser safety documents
  • Assemblies and parts for integration into industrial systems

Laser process development

We are developing laser processes for material processing. With 17 years experience in laser process development, a few tests on your samples are enough to find the right laser and parameter for you production process. We are specialized in laser processes for the photovoltaic, organic and flexible electronics, display and lighting technology as well as the automotive industry and special research applications.

In our laser laboratory in Aachen we have CO2 lasers, diode lasers and nanosecond lasers with different pulse duration. The wavelengths are 1030nm, 1064nm, 532nm, 515nm, 355nm and one femtosecond laser with 1030nm. Further lasers are available in the „Laboratory for Industrial Laser Technology and Optical Systems“ at the FH Aachen.

Laser contract manufacturing

With our laser systems in in Aachen and at FH Aachen Campus Jülich, we develop laser processes and make subcontracting for manufacturing with laser. In Aachen we can also process harmful material. We can even build up our equipment at your place. At FH Aachen we do laser processing in high-vacuum or inert gas of organic electronics devices. In laser additive manufacturing use of vacuum or inert gas can prevent bubbles, oxidation and redeposition during laser processing.

Development of optical systems and assemblies

We build optical systems and assemblies for integration into machines or other systems. This can be for example alternative beam-shaping units for systems, where the distance between process head and work-peace becomes not so critical with this beam shaping. We also develop and implement systems for process control

Development of test systems, prototypes and laboratory setups

We develop test systems and laboratory equipment. We also give our equipment for rent for temporary use in production. And we can use your existing equipment for integration. Or you buy the expensive components and we integrate them. Your advantage: this is cost-effective and the warranty claims of the components and the intellectual property rights remain with you.

Rental system

  • Available with different laser sources 
  • Laser class 1
  • CE conformity
  • Made in Germany

Expertise on laser safety

We inspect laser systems regarding laser safety and help with the design of laser protection devices. In cooperation with the TH Köln we train to become „laser safety officer“

Support of planning of production systems

We have 15 years experience in developing and building complex laser production systems. While we do not supply turnkey laser equipment for mass production, we provide concepts, cost estimates, specifications, and help select the right machine builder. In addition, we help you or your machine builder with the integration of lasers, including laser safety reports and process optimizations.

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