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We are looking for:

Laser technician (m/f/d) with practical experience with lasers and laser applications.

Bergfeld Lasertech GmbH is a very young, small but rapidly growing company in Aachen. We are specialized in the development of laser processes for thin layers and surfaces with an electrical function. Applications are in particular in photovoltaics (perovskite and OPV), battery electrodes, catalysts for hydrogen production and printed and organic electronics. Our customers are research institutions, start-up companies and increasingly also established manufacturing companies. In particular, the company builds laser systems for glove boxes, which are currently being delivered not only to Germany, but also to Poland and the USA.

We are currently looking for a laser technician (applied physics, electrical engineering, photonics, process engineering, mechanical engineering, photonics, laser technology) with practical experience with lasers and in particular with experience in working with electrical components of laser and in the development of laser material processing applications its safety measures.

Ideally, you would like to develop laser processes and laser systems and would like do project management. Maybe you already have experience in teaching young employees in the laser laboratory and would like to help building up the company and take on a leadership role.

Since we bring products to market earlier than other companies, we can also pay higher salaries.

The job can be done full-time and part-time.

If you are interested, just write an email to: or call 0241 47582210