Laser systems for glove boxes

Laser system for glovebox for the development of perowskite solar modules.

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We are developing laser systems for research and development also for glove boxes. The systems can also be used to process samples and components that would be destroyed in air. Applications are particularly in the photovoltaic, battery, and electronics research.

The systems can be equipped with different lasers. The shown system has been developed for the laser structuring of perowskite solar cells into modules with 3 laser wavelengths (IR, vis, UV). The samples are positioned using a "through-the-lens positioning" system and the structuring can be processed with a laser within a precision of few microns in relation to existing structures. The sample itself only has to be positioned with a precision of a few millimeters. There is no need to position the sample itself. The positioning system can even detect lines a few micrometers thick in thin ITO layers on glass that are almost invisible to the eyes. It is also possible to mark or drill glass substrates with the laser, or perform laser edge deletion in order to encapsulate the modules or expose contacts via material-selective ablation to contact the modules.

Flexible laser system for rent

  • Equipped with different laser sources
  • Mobile suction with normal filtering or with fine dust and activated carbon filtering.
  • Options:
    • Rotating device
    • x-y axes for moving the workpieces
    • Laser beam shaping (tophat, quasi-tophat, donut, Bessel, line)
    • "through-the-lens" positioning to enable precise machining in relation to reference contours (positioning accuracy 7-20µm depending on the design and the focusing lens used)
    • Online LIBS analysis for chemical analysis of the elements currently being removed.
  • Laser class 1 (no laser protection officer required)
  • CE-certified (can therefore be used by employees in production)
  • Made in Aachen

The system can also be rented together with one of our used lasers. Typical rental period is 1- 12 months. Systems with fiber lasers or low-power CO2 lasers are available from € 350 per month plus a one-time fee.

Currently available rental lasers are:

  • Fiber laser with fixed and variable pulse length,
  • Solid state lasers (1300, 1064, 532, 515, 355nm, 800 ps - 15 ns)
  • CO2 laser
  • Diode laser up to 70 watts cw (808nm, 450 nm)

3D laser processing module for integration into production systems

The System is designed for laser marking of products for digitalization of production and adding company logos. The standard system has a MOPA fiber laser and a 3D scanner with a working area of 300 mm x 300 mm x 180 mm (hight).

We support:

  • your engineers with know how for integration into industrial systems
  • producing of samples for your customer
  • tests in production environment
  • risk analysis for CE certification
  • laser safety certificate of the machine

to deliver fast service all critical components are in our stock in Aachen.

Example of combining role-to-role processing with 3D laser.
The advantage is very precise laser processing of flexible and soft material. High-power fume extraction can be applied without vibrating the substrate. And non-perpendicular processing prevents re-deposition of material.

The module is also available in our rental and our glove box systems

Development and integration of laser beam shaping assemblies

The module is also available in our rental and our glove box systems

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